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fronts materials

We offer the traditional laminate countertops, as well as countertops, wood, quartz conglomerates, stone countertops and Solblat. Below a short description of the most popular tops.

Laminated countertops:

They are made on the basis of chipboard. Their production uses modern technology postforming. Thanks to the resulting product combines rich design, aesthetics, ease of installation and maintenance of durability and resistance to various external factors. Advantages: heat resistant, resistance to UV rays, resistance to water vapor, resistance to detergent. However, you should always read the information contained on the manufacturer of the countertop.


Countertops made of quartz conglomerate

Material (Technistone) is composed of 95% natural materials - mainly of quartz and granite combined with 5% additives. Thanks to the unique properties obtained during the production of material Technistone meets all the expectations of today's users worktops. Countertops made of quartz conglomerate Technistone are highly resistant to scratches, cuts, heat as well as acids, normally used in the household, such as lemon juice, vinegar, etc.. These properties pose a conglomerate of quartz Technistone over other comparable solutions. This allows the use of kitchen countertops in general, without any restrictions and ensures perfect surface appearance even after many years of use.

Countertops Solblat


This ground resin epoxy-acrylic combined with non-aluminum hydroxide. In contrast to the top of the stone, which is cold to the touch, the type of top Solbalt adopt ambient temperature. If erected on the scratches can be sanded. Solblat can be combined bezspoiwowo, we do not need to connect through a slit strips used with laminate countertops. Tops of large dimensions require bonding, joining, however, it is hardly visible. You can order a sink with Solblatu to make your kitchen look original and timeless.


wooden countertops


We tops of oak, in a thickness of 4 cm and depth of 60 cm - the standard for kitchen furniture, but we also tops with a larger surface area on request. Wooden countertops give the kitchen a warm climate, are pleasing to the touch and natural. Suitable for kitchen in classical style, rustic, or Italian, but are also useful in modern interiors. Worktop made of wood is easy to process and restoration (wood can be cut, repeatedly renewed, varnish and paint), be careful with heat and scratches.