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The company is a manufacturer of bath furniture to size . It has a strong position on the market for several years. Based on years of experience of professional designers, we provide you with unconventional solutions ideal for every room (including furniture, kitchen , office, hotel , dining room , bedroom , wardrobes and other all kinds of building cavities and carpentry services ) . We also have a wide range of assortment of different colors and textures , which allows us to make products of the highest quality . Confirmation of our professionalism and focus on the individual needs of clients include obtaining the certificate of quality ISO 9001 : 2009 and an increase in sales of products to the markets of the European countries and Scandinavia.


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In our studies of furniture you will find mainly kitchen furniture , which we also offer a wide selection of household appliances of renowned brands such as Siemens , Bosch , Liebherr , AEG, Electrolux , Falmec , Smeg and more . Friendly staff will provide you with the introduction of functional solutions at every level of creation of interiors.

Kapi is also a producer of furniture fronts : wooden , painted in gloss and mat as well as tops and wood composite . As a manufacturer of furniture range , we can create a kitchen from scratch , being independent from manufacturers other firms producing prefabricated furniture . We guarantee free measurement , graphic design , transportation , installation and advice of trained workers .

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