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The KaPi company means not only business actions focused on generating profits but also the sponsorship of local and nationwide events.




The KaPi company is mainly associated with its region, where the furniture factory is, but also supports the local events and initiatives. So far we have helped to rebuild and to furnish the four burnt houses in Pruchnowo, together with the Senator of the Polish State Mr Piotr Gruszczyński; we have made the furniture for CARITAS of Gniezno Archdiocese; The Child Care Home in Trzemeszno, the Regional Museum in Trzemeszno; the Voluntary Fire Brigade and lots of other organizations from the Gniezno administrative unit.




The KaPi company also takes part actively in the life of Gniezno Fans of speedway – at present we are the sponsor of the speedway team: Łączyńscy-Carbon Start Gniezno. On 26th May 2013 the KaPi company was the sponsor of the match: “Team Championships of Poland”: LECHMA START GNIEZNO – UNIBAX TORUŃ. Thanks to the support of KaPi the team from Gniezno provides its fans unforgettable feelings. The KaPi company has received lots of statues as the acknowledgements for the sponsorship: ZŁOTY ORZEŁ 2011, ZŁOTY ORZEŁ 2012 in the category Sponsor Business, and ZŁOTY ORZEŁ 2013, ZŁOTY ORZEŁ 2014 in the category Sponsor Premium.

Because of the fondness to speedway the KaPi company supports the contestants of the representation of Poland being at the same time the contestants of the club KS TORUŃ:
















- The multiple representative of Poland Mr Adrian Miedziński (see webpage…)

- The senior of the representation of Poland Mr Kacper Gomólski (see webpage…)

- The junior of the representation of Poland Mr Paweł Przedpełski (see webpage…)

- “The Angel of Toruń” – Mr Oskar Fajfer (see webpage…)



The KaPi company takes part in many speedway events as the sponsor, e.g. SEC-Team and Individual Championships of Europe in speedway and The Tournament for the Crown of Bolesław Chrobry – the first King of Poland in the years 2012-2014.

The KaPi company supports also the Sweedish speedway rider  Magnus “Zorro” Zetterstom, who is a contestant of Wybrzeże Gdańsk now. (see webpage…).

We are proud of the fact that once we had as a guest the multiple World Champion Mr Tomasz Gollob in one of our furniture stores. (More on the webpage…).

In the winter of 2013 the KaPi company supported the Speedway Tournament in Ice organized by one of the former contestants of Lechma Start Gniezno Mr Wojciech Lisiecki. A detailed report about the tournament on the webpage…

This year we also support the Finnish contestant Mr Timo Lahti, the 6-times medalist of the teenage individual championships  of Finland; he is now the contestant in Poland.

What is interesting is the fact that the KaPi company has furnished the homes of these speedway contestants: Magnus Zetterstom, Adrian Miedziński, Łukasz Przedpełski and Krzysztof Jabłoński.

Since 2010 the KaPi company has been the main sponsor of the team in the Tournament of Indoor Football, as well as Trzemeszno Non-union Football League: KaPi Orlik Cup. More on webpage…

Taking part in the local events the KaPi company supports the team U.K.S. Futsal Medan Gniezno and the Winter Race of Three Lakes in the Gołąbki Forest District, which is actually one of the biggest winter sport events in Poland. More about these sport events on the webpage…

Nowadays we support Grand Prix of Trzemeszno in races. (See webpage…)





Since 2014 the KaPi company has supported the Foundation Active Trzemeszno “FAT”, which together with Mr Dariusz Michalczewski, Mr Roman Polko and Mr Przemysław Babiarz have drawn us to running, and , as a consequence, we have been the main sponsor of Grand Prix 10-km Races and the First New Year’s Eve’s Race. More about the foundation and the runners on webpage…

The KaPi company gets involved in different social charity actions: A Noble Package - Szlachetna Paczka, regional Senior Day, gifts for the children from kindergarten, and so on. What’s more, we are the sponsor of the celebration of the 20th anniversary PZERIL in Witkowo (the Polish Association of Pensioners and Disabled).

The KaPi company helps the International Police Association IPA, which connects all the police officers from around the world regardless of rank, education, gender, race, language, religion, which reflects the motto of the association: “Servo per Amikeco” – To serve through friendship. In relation to these words the KaPi company has received special acknowledgements from the President of the Polish Section of IPA Mr Arkadiusz Skrzypczak for our engagement and help.

Since 2016 we have been the main sponsor of the speedway team in Toruń: KS GET WELL TORUŃ.